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Rainbow Shells

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Hi guys! Here is another design I created using my collaboration plate with Lina Nail Art Supplies. If you do have this plate already and will give this design a go, please share with me on Instagram and I will feature it in my stories :)

If you do not have this plate yet, but would like to have a chance to get one, please enter my Giveaway on my IG @urbannailart


So, for this design I used:

1. UNT peel off base coat

2. Lina Nail Art Supplies and UNA colab stamping plate, Fearless stamping top coat

3. Painted Polish 'Midnight Mischief' for stamping

4. Orly 'Shine On Crazy Diamond' (Aussies get it here) topper

5. Parrot Polish 'Baboon Blue', 'Gecko Green', 'Piranha Pink' and 'Pit Viper Yellow' Use code 'Parrot10' for 10% off when shopping at www.parrotpolish.com

6. Pueen Cosmetics Latex tape liquid peel off & cuticle guard

Basic step by step instructions:

1. Apply a base coat and let it dry completely. I use UNT peel off base coat.

2. Apply a coat of white nail polish for the base.

3. Chose nail polishes to fill in the pattern. I use Parrot Polish 'Baboon Blue', 'Gecko Green', 'Piranha Pink' and 'Pit Viper Yellow'

4. Protect you cuticle and skin by applying latex tape. I use Pueen Cosmetics liquid peel off cuticle guard.

5. Apply stamping polish to the chosen image on the plate. For my stamp I use one of the images from Lina Nail Art Supplies and UNA colab stamping plate and Painted Polish 'Midnight Mischief'.

6. Use the scraper angled at approximately 45 degrees to remove any excess polish off of the image.

7. Gently roll the stamper on the image to pick up the design.

8. Apply a layer of scatted holographic topper over your image while still on the stamper. Let dry completely.

9. Carefully fill in the pattern with a thin brush or I just used polish bottle brushes. Let dry completely.

10. Apply white nail polish over the coloured pattern on your stamper. Let dry completely (do not over dry it though).

11. Gently peel the decal off of your stamper and apply to your nail.

12. Press gently the decal using a silicone tool or just your finger and remove the access decal around your nail. Clean up using some nail polish remover and a cleanup brush.

13. Finally apply a protective top coat to seal and protect your nail art design. I use Lina Nail Art Supplies ‘Fearless stamping’ top coat.

P.S. You will notice that I apply scattered holographic polish over my image on the stamper first, but in the next clip where I colour the image in - the glitter is not there :)))) That is because i filmed the coulouring in part before I decided to add some holo to the design,,,, so then I redid all my decals with the holo glitter )) Let me know if you have any questions :)

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