• Irene Vanadis

Layered Stamping Nail Art | Clear Jelly Stamper Tutorial

Hello everyone! How is it going?

Today I am sharing this bright layered stamping design.

Products used:

  1. Clear Jelly Stamper black stamping polish #1 'More Like 1AM'

  2. Clear Jelly Stamper holographic stamping polishes Holo 03 and Holo 07

  3. Clear Jelly Stamper green stamping polish #11 'Dolla Dolla Bill'

  4. Clear Jelly Stamper red stamping polish #9 'REDy For Anything'

  5. Clear Jelly Stamper orange stamping polish #22 'Clementine'

  6. Stamping plate Clear Jelly Stamper CJS-37

  7. Clear Jelly Stamper Baby Bling Clear Stamper

  8. Clear Jelly Stamper 'Smear Not' - smudge resistant waterbased top coat

Basic Step By Step Instructions:

1. Apply base coat and let it dry completely.

2. Apply nail polish for the base. (In this case Holo 03.)

3. Prepare nail polishes for gradient. (I used Holo 03 and Holo 07.) Draw lines on the makeup sponge overlapping them a little bit and dab the sponge onto the nail until happy with the opacity.

4. On a selected image of the flowers, apply stamping polishes of different colours for the centres of flowers and their petals. Remove excess nail polish by swiping scraper angled at approximately 45 degrees. Pick up the image and stamp it onto your nail with a rolling motion.

5. Apply green stamping polish onto the image of leaves. Repeat stamping instructions as in step 4.

6. Apply black stamping polish onto the outline image of leaves and flowers and follow stamping instructions as in previous two steps.

7. Apply smudge resistant waterbased top coat to protect your nail art.

DISCLOSURE: Some of the codes above are affiliate codes, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I might earn a commission if you make a purchase using my affiliate code.

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