• Louise Michelle

HOLOGRAPHIC POWDER NAIL ART | Nail Stamping With Pigment Powder

Hi guys. Today I am showing you this beautiful holographic nail art I created using holographic nail powder and I stamped over it with pigment nail powder. Hope you like it!

Products used:

1. UNT peel off base coat

2. Pueen Cosmetics Black stamping Polish 805 'Black Jack' and 'Fancy Lover 02' stamping plate

3.Mitty.'Bubble Gum' gel polish, Gel No Wipe Top Coat, Holographic Nail Powder 'Unicorn Poo'and multichrome powder'Grape Topaz'.You can use my discount code URBANNAILART for 10% off at Mitty.

4. Pueen Cosmetics latex tape liquid peel off & cuticle guard

Nail art step by step:

  1. Apply gel base coat. Cure under UV/LED lamp.

  2. Protect your skin with latex tape.

  3. Apply gel no wipe top coat and cure under UV/LED lamp.

  4. Dip your eyeshadow sponge applicator into the powder and then massage it into the nails. Remember, less is more!

  5. Optional step - remove latex barrier and clean up around your nails or you can do it after stamping.

  6. Apply pigment powder over a clear jelly stamper. NOTE! Use a stamper you don't mind getting cloudy from pigment.

  7. Apply black stamping polish onto the image. Use the scraper angled at approximately 45 degrees to swipe any excess polish off of the image. Pick up the image with the stamper we prepared in the previous step (with pigment on it). With a rolling motion stamp the image onto your nail. You need to work very fast when doing this step as your stamping polish might dry quick and you won't be able to transfer the image.

  8. After cleaning up around your nails, apply a layer of non wipe top coat and cure it under UV/LED lamp.

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