• Irene Vanadis

Holo Taco Rainbow Watermarble Design 2020

Hi guys!

Sharing this rainbow watermarble design using Holo Taco nail polishes.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the codes are affiliate codes, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I might earn a commission if you make a purchase using my affiliate code. Please remember that although my reviews are 100% honest, buying products I used is at your own discretion and all the claims on quality/condition of received products should be addressed to the brands.⁠ Never purchase products based on one particular review, please do your research. Thank you!

Products used:

1. UNT peel off base coat http://bit.ly/UNTpeeloff

2. White nail polish for the base https://amzn.to/2Ars2kr

3. Holo Taco ‘Rainbow Bundle’ Collection https://www.holotaco.com/collections/polish/products/the-rainbow-bundle

4. ORLY ‘Bonder’ https://amzn.to/39w1nzH

5. Fast Drying top coat https://amzn.to/33FyNJQ

Basic step by step instructions:

1. Apply basecoat and let it dry completely.

2. Apply white nail polish for the base and let dry completely too.

3. Protect your fingers with liquid latex.

4. Now to the watermarble. Prepare water of the room temperature and add drops of nail polish into it using colours in turn. Use watermarble tool to mix them into desired shape and leave the pattern to dry.

5. Carefully pick up the dried pattern with tweezers and cut it into desired form.

6. Apply top coat or rubberized base coat for better application.

7. Place the watermarble pattern onto the nail and remove excess of it.

8. Clean up around your nails and apply top coat to protect your nail art.

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