🤩 HOLO STAMPING POLISH REVIEW AND SWATCHES 📀 Clear Jelly Stamper Nail Art (2020)

Hi guys!

Today I’m sharing Clear Jelly Stamper Holo Stamping Polish Kit review and swatches! I'm swatching holographic stamping polish collection by Clear Jelly Stamper😍

These polishes are designed for stamping but they also work very well as regular polish❤️ So in this video, I decided to show you how they apply and look as regular polish 😀💖 Hope you enjoy! I also created a couple of designs with them, one can be found right at the end of this video and another one is up on my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/urbannailart/ 😃💕 All swatches show two coats of polish, but most of them are fully opaque in one!👌🏻

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Holo 01 a gorgeous green

Holo 02 a bright yellow

Holo 03 a superholo

Holo 04 a delicious strawberry colour

Holo 05 a gorgeous purple-blue

Holo 06 a starry night black

Holo 07 a mysterious purple

For nail art I used:

1. Clear Jelly Stamper stamping polishes H01, H02, H04, H07 from Holo polish kit

2. Stamping plate CJS 58

3. Black stamping polish #1 ‘More Like 1 AM’

4. Big Bling XL Stamper - Clear The original clear see-through stamper!

Basic step by step instructions:

1. Apply base coat and let it dry completely.

2. Apply any light nail polish for the base and let dry completely too.

3. Choose the image of leaves on the stamping plate and apply drops of green and yellow stamping polishes. Remove excess polish by swiping scratcher angled approximately 45 degrees. Pick up the image with the stamper and stamp it onto the nail with a rolling motion.

4. Choose the image of flowers and put drops of red, purple and yellow polishes onto it. Swipe a few times with the scrapper to mix them and remove excess polish. Then follow instructions as in step 3 for stamping.

5. Choose the image of flowers’ outline and use black stamping polish for this image. Use stamping instructions as in step 3.

6. Apply waterbased top coat to protect your nail art and a layer of fast drying top coat to add extra gloss.

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