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FOREST NAIL ART | Halloween nail art idea with Pamper Plates by The Nail Shop (2020)

Hi guys!

Today I am sharing forest nail art, the idea for Halloween nail design using Pamper Polish stamping plates from The Nail Shop.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the codes are affiliate codes, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I might earn a commission if you make a purchase using my affiliate code. Please remember that although my reviews are 100% honest, buying products I used is at your own discretion and all the claims on quality/condition of received products should be addressed to the brands.⁠ Never purchase products based on one particular review, please do your research. Thank you!⁠

Products used:

  1. Hit The Bottle 'White Undies' waterbased peel-off base coat

  2. Pamper Polish 017 'Light Purple' and 018 'Magenta Purple' for the base

  3. Pamper Polish 015 'Beige/Nude' and 001 'Black' for stamping

  4. Pamper Polish 003 'Pearl Gold' to draw the moon

  5. Stamping plate Pamper Plates #47

  6. The Nail Shop professional nylon nail art brush #1

  7. The Nail Shop liquid latex low ammoniaskin protection

  8. The Nail Shop fast drying top coat 'Out The Door'

Basic step by step instructions:

  1. Apply base coat and let it dry completely.

  2. Apply a layer of nail polish for the base (Lou used Pamper Polish 017).

  3. Choose colours for gradient and draw stripes of it on the makeup sponge. Dab the sponge into the nail until satisfied with the opacity.

  4. Take thin nail art brush and draw stars and moon. After that apply a layer of top coat.

  5. Now to the stamping. Choose the image of fir-trees on the stamping plate and apply light stamping polish onto it. Use scraper angled approximately 45 degrees to remove excess nail polish. Carefully pick up the image and stamp in onto the nail with a rolling motion.

  6. Repeat Step 6 to stamp the same image with black stamping polish.

  7. Using thin nail art brush and black stamping polish draw birds and ground.

  8. Apply a layer of top coat to protect your nail art.

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