• Irene Vanadis

Floral Nail Art | Reverse Stamping Using Pueen Products

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all doing well. I have a floral design to share with you today.

Products used to create it:

  1. UNT peel off base coat

  2. White nail polish for the base

  3. Pueen Cosmetics 'Amazon Moss' and white nail polish for the base

  4. Pueen Cosmetics stamping plate 'Secret Garden 01'

  5. Pueen Cosmetics intense stamping polish 'Black Jack'

  6. Pueen Cosmetics 'Sweet Pink', 'Mexicali Turquoise' to fill in the image

  7. Twinkled T 'Icing Aurora' unicorn powder

  8. ORLY 'Bonder'

  9. Pueen Cosmetics latex tape liquid peel off & cuticle guard

  10. Fast Drying top coat

  11. Matte top coat

Basic step by step instructions:

  1. Apply base coat and dab on white nail polish for the base. Let both dry completely.

  2. Prepare colours for gradient, put them on the makeup sponge in your preferred way and start dabbing the nail. Repeat until satisfied with opacity.

  3. Apply ORLY 'Bonder' a rubberized base coat to create stickier surface. Rub in some unicorn powder.

  4. Chose the image on the stamping plate and apply stamping polish onto it. Use scrapper angled approximately 45 degrees to remove any excess of it. Pick up the image and colour it with preferred nail polishes using detailing brush.

  5. Apply ORLY 'Bonder' once more for easier work with stamping. Stamp the colored image onto the nail with a rolling motion and a little pressure.

  6. Apply fast drying top coat and let it dry completely.

  7. After this apply matte topcoat.

  8. Repeat steps 2-7 for other fingers.

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