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EASY STAMPING NAIL ART | WhatsUp Nail Stamping Products

Hey everyone! New stamping design from Lou today. To create it she used:

  1. UNT peel off base coat

  2. Dance Legend 'Mea Tulpa' for the base

  3. Whats Up Nails stamping polishes 'Buff Is The Stuff', 'Sundae Topping', 'Blanc My Mind'

  4. Stamping plate Whats Up Nails B046 'Petal to The Medal'

  5. 'Water Tight' waterbased smear free topcoat- A must have top coat for when you are working with foils, pigments and it's a great non-smear top coat to apply over your stamping! You can use my code (exclusive to my followers!) URBAN10 to get 10% off when you purchase this top coat from www. hitthebottlepolishes.com.au

  6. Pueen Cosmetics latex tape liquid peel off & cuticle guard

  7. Fast Drying Top Coat

Basic step by step inshructions:

  1. Apply base coat and let it dry completely,

  2. Apply a coat of the polish for the base and let dry too.

  3. Protect the skin around the nail with latex tape.

  4. To create bright glittery base put nail polish on the makeup sponge and dab the nail until satisfied with opacity.

  5. Cover the glittery base with a coat of fast drying top coat.

  6. Choose the image on the stamping plate and prepare the polishes for stamping. To create gradient Lou used three different ones.

  7. Draw the lines on the image with chosen polishes and remove excess polish with the scrapper angled approximately 45 degrees. Swipe a few times to blend colours and create gradient effect. But remember to work quickly, as the polish can get dry and this will not let you pick up or transfer the image.

  8. With a rolling motion of stamper pick up the image and transfer it onto the nail.

  9. Repeat steps 6-7 to stamp on other fingers.

  10. After cleaning around your nails, apply top coat to protect your nailart. Lou used waterbased and fast drying both.

DISCLOSURE:Some of the codes above are affiliate codes, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I might earn a commission if you make a purchase using my affiliate code.

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