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DRY MARBLE NAIL ART STEP BY STEP | Easy Nail Art With Stickers - SoNailicious Boutique (2020)

Hi guys!

Today's design is a dry marble nail art step by step tutorial, I created dry marble base using a stamper head, no water. This is also an easy nail art with stickers that you can quickly create at home even if you decide not to do dry marble for the base, those stickers will look amazing over any colour you choose. Please ask if you have any questions! Hope you like this design! 💖

Products used:

  1. UNT peel off base coat

  2. SoNailicious Boutique nail polishes from 'Say It With Polish' collection 'Bikinis & Martinis', 'Palm Trees Ocean Breeze', 'Beach Please' and 'License To Chill' for the marble base

  3. SoNailicious Boutique Delicate Lilly Stickers SN - 220 XXL

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4. Fast Drying top coat

Basic step by step instructions:

  1. Prepare dry marble base in advance, as it needs a lot of time to get dry. (In my case it took three hours.) To make it just apply drops of chosen nail polishes one by one on a stamper, just like for watermarble. Spin the stamper to make colours mix and leave it to dry completely.

  2. Apply light nail polish for the base (I used 'Beach Please') and let it dry a bit, so that it is still a bit tacky.

  3. Carefully remove the marble decal from the stamper and apply in onto the nail. Using a little pressure spread the decal on the nail with silicon tool. Remove excess of the decal and clean around your nails.

  4. Apply fast drying top coat and let it dry completely.

  5. Gently peel off nail stickers from the sheet and place onto your nails as desired. Press gently the stickers using a silicone tool or just your finger. Make sure that the edges of the stickers are flat to the nails and do not stick out.

  6. Apply fast drying top coat over your nailart to protect it.

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