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Day-Spring Stamping Design

Updated: May 13, 2020

Hello everyone ;-)

Here is a nice Day-Spring Design from Lou.

Products used:

1. UNT Peel Off Base Coat

2. Heroine NYC "Lilac It" and "Peach Please" for gradient

3. ORLY "Bonder" basecoat (Aussies get it here)

4. Lina Nail Art Supplies and UNA colab stamping plate

5. Twinkled T "Smokey" stamping polish

6. ILNP "Juliette" to fill in the image

7. "Warrior" detailing brush, beautiful "Stone Flower" and "Dainty Midi" rings from SoNailicious Boutique

8. Pueen Cosmetics latex tape liquid peel off & cuticle guard

9. Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat

Basic step by step instructions:

1. Apply a base coat and let it dry completely. I use UNT peel off base coat.

2. Apply a coat of white nail polish to make the colours of the gradient (next step) stand out more.

3. Protect your skin with latex tape. I use Pueen Cosmetics liquid peel off & cuticle guard.

4. Chose nail polish for the gradient. I use ‘Peach Please’ and ‘Lilac It’ by Heroine.

Paint lines on the surface of a makeup sponge with each of the chosen polishes, overlapping them a little to make those colours blend better. Then press/dab the sponge on the nail and repeat these steps until happy with the opacity of the gradient. Wait to apply your topcoat till all the decals are ready - Step 9

5. For the stamping: apply stamping polish to the chosen image on the plate. For my stamp I use Lina Nail Art Supplies and UNA colab stamping plate and ‘Smokey’ stamping polish by Twinkled T.

6. Use the scraper angled at approximately 45 degrees to remove any excess polish off of the image.

7. Gently roll the stamper on the image to pick up the design.

8. Fill in the image with the polishes you like and let dry (but not over dry it though). I used ‘Juliette’ by ILNP and ‘Warrior’ detailing nail art brush by SoNailicious.

9. Apply a layer of a top coat of your choice and let it dry till it's still a bit tacky but not wet-wet. (I used ‘Bonder’ by Orly, it's a basecoat and when it dries it's still a bit sticky - that helps for the stamp to transfer to the nail better!)

10. Using a little pressure and gentle rolling motion stamp the image onto the nail.

11. Repeat steps 5-8 to stamp any other additional images onto your nail.

12. Finally apply a protective top coat to seal and protect your nail art design. I use Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat.

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